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An apocalyptic world where vegetation dominates everything.

When you enter a post-apocalyptic action game, you find a grey world, full of deserts and gloomy scenarios. Do you really think that plants and vegetation in general would stop growing? Well, thus is presented the apocalyptic game Survarium, a fascinating first person shooter that will transport you to a world of chaos and destruction, in which human nature surrenders after a series of apocalyptic events.

Survarium is a multiplayer game, where you have to be part of a team and always be ready to eliminate your opponents if you want to stay alive. The highlight of this fascinating shooter, apart from the scenes, is that it focuses on the consequences of a massive ecological disaster and offers the possibility to fight against players from around the world, in breathtaking battles for survival.

Impassable forests have moved into the cities that human beings once built, maddened animals and birds attack industrial complexes, military structures, warehouses and power-plants. Rare plants and mushrooms grow through concrete and steel. Scientists around the world are looking for ways to address this anomaly and stop it from expanding, while others seek a way to survive not only to chaos, but other players who want to take advantage of the situation, willing to kill those who get in their way.

Upon entering the world of Survarium you will have a pistol, a rifle and a machine gun, but gradually you will be gaining powerful new weapons, to ensure your survival. Will you manage to survive in a world where vegetation is your main enemy? Find out after downloading Survarium. Do it now, because it's free!


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